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5 a side team generator

5 a side team generator

Try ALL IN's team member random generator for any activity

5 a side team generator

Use the ALL IN app to generate random teams for any sport or activity that involves opposing sides.

We’ve officially moved from summer into autumn and, while that means a return to shorter daylight days and more inclement weather, it brings with it some positives like the return of the football season. 

All across the world people of all ages are turning out again to kick a ball whether for professional or personal reasons.  We work with a number of sports teams (5 a side, 7 a side, or even 11 a side when they can find the numbers) that often have the same need:  How do you easily pick teams and make sure it’s fair?  This is where ALL IN’s random team generator comes in.

If you already know what to do and are keen to get going, just try the app here:

Random football team generator

Create random teams

Let’s assume you’ve already got your team created and people signed up to play (If not, see this article on how to create teams first), you can use our 5 a side team generator to quickly create random teams with an unlimited number of players per team.

Simply enter the number of teams you want within your event team list and click “Team up”.

Random Group Generator

If you’re not happy with the first teams generated then just hit the button again until things look about right.

Manual fine tuning

Once you’ve got your teams set up to a level you’re happy with you may want to make some minor adjustments.  You can quickly swap players from one team or another by dragging their name using the three dots on the right.

Team names

Then, you may want to customise your team names or shirt colours.  Just click on the edit pencil next to each team name and then update your teams accordingly.

Customise groups


Once you’ve got your team updated, save the changes.  Any member on the app can then go and view the teams you’ve created.  If you want to share your generated 5 a side teams outside of the app though, ALL IN will let you do that too through the share button in the top right hand corner.

Share groups

Alternatively, if you’d like to use a random team generator in Excel or group generator in Google Sheets, just give ALL IN’s Excel random team generator a try.  

Further information

If you need any further information or have any questions on how ALL IN works then please contact us at [email protected]

Are there any other features we can look to incorporate in the app that would help you?

In the meantime, for more information about the ALL IN 5 a side team generator, check out the page here.

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