About us

At ALL IN we believe getting together should be easier and we wanted to build something that would help make this happen for everyone.
About us
It always seems to involve a lot of back and forth through chat groups trying to agree an activity, when, who can make it, and then manage costs. Even when everything is agreed you have to scroll back and forth trying to work out the final numbers coming, details about the venue and who has paid.
ALL IN is for everyone to use, whether it be for a quick get together for a kick about, or for planning a complex weekend away. It will help organisers get people together easily and keep things simple for those who just want to be part of the chat, turn up on the day and enjoy. But it’s the organisers that will get the real benefits.
Now you can easily agree dates, see who is coming, provide all the information in one place where it can be quickly found, and capture and settle your bills all in one app.

Meet The Team


Jules Hinves

The organiser

Jules is a keen sportsman, organiser and long-suffering parent used to ferrying his kids back and forth to all the events he and his wife have signed them up for.
With a background in Management Consultancy Jules has always been the spreadsheet monkey that his friends would come to in order to help organise activities and work out who owes what to who following each of their group trips.

The coach

If ever you wanted to know what a child programming genius looks like when they’ve grown up, then meet Rhett. Having started coding aged 10 on a computer less powerful than a modern day calculator Rhett sees the world in a different way (also not least because he had both corneas replaced as a teenager).
Now a sports coach training the next generation of footballers Rhett uses ALL IN to organise team training sessions and matches for multiple different teams.

Rhett Clinton


Toby Shaw

The big baby

In the year of his birth there was no bigger baby in the county of Buckinghamshire than Toby. Underneath the layers were the makings of a future national swimming champion and Tri-county rugby star.
Building on a big start, Toby now focuses on the growth of companies across the world. He is devoted to making ALL IN something that everyone can benefit from. Please fire any suggestions to toby@everyoneallin.com

ALL IN brand

Get ALL IN and plan activities for your friends, club or team today.
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