Online bill splitter

Need to split a bill fairly and quickly with some friends?
Click below to use ALL IN’s simple online cost splitting tool.
Online bill splitter

First time user? Check below quickly first:

Here are a few quick tips on how to easily add cost split calculations:

1. Add all the names of the people in your group

2. Start to add cost items. You can add either add an amount to pay or amounts already paid.

Add amount to pay – Is for when you’re sorting a bill, or part of a bill that hasn’t been paid yet.
Add amount already paid – Allows you to add in costs from earlier in your evening, event or trip alongside the people that have paid for them.
Adding an amount that has already been paid is simple. Just add a description for the cost item and the amount paid next to each person’s name (See 1 below).
If someone should not be included in the bill split, just untick the box on the left-hand side of their name (See 2).
If you want to add amounts that haven’t been paid yet, like a restaurant bill, select ‘Add amount to pay’.
Then simply add the amount and tick/untick everyone that the cost should be split between.
This allows you to divide the bill up fairly to account for drinkers / non-drinkers, people that only had a starter etc.

3. Press 'Add cost' to add each item to the calculator and let ALL IN work out who owes what.

ALL IN will take into account what each person has already paid when working out the final bill.
If you need to make any adjustments to expenses that have already been added just select the relevant line from the costs summary and make the necessary changes. Just remember to press ‘Update costs’ when you’re done to add the updates to the bill.
Here’s a quick demo of the tool in action:
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