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Top five cost splitting apps 2021

Splitting the cost of bills has always been an end of evening inconvenience, calculating who owes what and collecting money from each party. Since fewer people carry cash these days, paying as a group has been even more awkward… until the invention of the app. Cost splitting apps let you divide up the cost for everything from group dinners to trips and holidays so everyone can pay their fair share. The best cost splitting apps give you the chance to connect a credit/debit card or another peer – to – peer payment platform, making it much easier for everyone to cover their share of the expense right away, even down to the penny. Some don’t allow for payments but will track your debt instead reducing awkward conversations about who’s borrowed what.
Here at ALL IN we are working towards creating the best group cost splitting application we can develop. But, just so we’re being fair about it we wanted to compare ALL IN with other popular offerings on the market for you to consider.


ALL IN is our solution to planning your group events, holidays and splitting the costs at the end of it all. The cost splitting is quick and easy, giving you the choice to split between everyone who attended the event or picking sub groups you’ve split your costs with. Payments can be dealt with in – app, easily split evenly or any member of the group can manually enter their costs and make changes too.
Settle up
Manage group costs
Within the app you create a profile, add friends, create groups and from there chat without the hassle of all the key information from an event getting lost in the thread as can happen with Messenger, WhatsApp and other social platforms. You can also build events and invite people via the share button, send links to whoever you want and add your availability using our opt-in/opt-out buttons.

If you’re arranging an event, we provide voting to find the best date, the ability to cap the number of attendees and waiting list management with green, amber, red signifying who is in/out or a maybe. Making the hectic days before an events planner hopefully a lot simpler! Using ALL IN within your business, family and friends will stream line and optimise your social life as you will be able to chat, plan events, split your costs and settle up ALL IN one app.

You can try the full app through the store links below, or if you’re looking to skip the downloads and try a quick online bill splitter you can try ours out here:

Costs with friends


Splitwise is perhaps most widely used application to track lending and debts between friends, families and groups. Loved by travellers, backpackers and housemates, Splitwise makes life easy when it comes to keeping things easy when divvying up expenses at the end of a trip. It will do the maths when borrowing between a larger group and calculate the costs down to the simplest form to make final payments easy peasy.
Splitwise tracks your borrowing and IOUs and gives you the chance to send a reminder at the end of the month to anyone that owes you cash. The app itself doesn’t handle cost splitting in app, the money is handled by yourself, so you may have to check back and forth with banking apps or other service providers during transactions.
Although Splitwise is great between travelling friends and family settling larger sums of money over $10,000 through PayPal and Venmo will flag within each providers’ systems and will take 3 days to clear.

Plates by Splitwise

Plates is Splitwise’s solution to cost splitting apps for fine dining. Plates offers a graphic and stylish representation of everyone’s dining plates around the virtual table and as you enter each meal (and its cost) into the app you drag and drop what you had onto your plate splitting the total cost as you go.
Within Plates, you can split the bill as you like using its multi – function calculator. Choose your mains, split the rest, or just the drinks with one click. Dragging another’s plate onto yours adds your partner’s costs to your own making this cost s plitting app great fun for dining out with anyone and everyone. No mental maths is needed.

Settle Up

Settle Up is great for splitting costs multiple ways and was made to handle many different payment scenarios within groups. You can split payments evenly or select individual amounts and from here share using a link through messages or email as well as in the app.
Within Settle Up, bills are saved in the app for everyone to see and with that, you can attach photographs of the receipts too. The Android app does include ads which can be removed for a small cost and on iOS there is no free version with an upfront cost but can work fully offline which comes in handy in remote situations.


Tab may make the cost splitting after dinner more streamlined than Plates, that’s up to personal opinion, but Tab comes across as a great way to pay as a group. Once your table receives the bill, grab your phone, take a photo and within the app it will read the items and the prices alongside them. Tab adds tips and tax pro portionally and from here you can allocate items to individuals on one mobile or join the bill from another phone.
Attaching multiple phones to the group bill will speed up the process and make settling the bill quick and easy. Each person will get an itemised total to settle within the app either using Venmo or manually checking that it has been paid via another service provider.


To finish, we’ve picked our three favourites, starting with Tab. It’s going to improve your dinner out with family by making splitting the bills fast and accurate without leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouth using the bill scanning function. Then there’s Splitwise with its multi – faceted cost splitting calculator when going out with friends, making what everyone owes each other clear and simple. I think that all these apps have great uses for different reasons and if you had to pick one ALL IN would be a top choice because of the comprehensive proposition it gives when organising events with friends. It not only splits your costs for you and allows you to pay what you owe through the app via secure and quick Open Banking payment services but also organises your events, lets you chat on app throughout the activity and is all round easy to use.
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