Online bill splitter

Need to split a bill fairly and quickly with some friends?

Click below to use ALL IN’s simple online cost splitting tool.

Please see further instructions below if you need them.

Online bill splitter

First time user?

Below is a quick quide on how to easily add cost split calculations with ALL IN.

If you need further information on bill splitting in general, please see our bill splitting article here

Firstly, for those the prefer videos, here’s how ALL IN’s online bill splitter works:

1. Click here to open the online splitter

Or read on below for step by step instructions…

2. Add a name for the split

ALL IN encourages you to add names when splitting bills.  It helps to differentiate between different bills over time so whether it’s ‘Friday night out’, or ‘Girls’ weekend in Milan’, go for something that is easily identifiable.

Bill split name

And then you’re straight down to business, able to add bills, who paid and who they’re split between.

3. Add everyone IN

Then we just need to get your group set up.  

Select the bottom option from the ‘Add participants’ list to add whatever names you like.

Add people to bill split

And then you’re straight down to business, able to add bills, who paid and who they’re split between.

4. Start (ahem) Bill...ding

If it’s a cost to divide across the whole group, choose ‘Per group’ and if it’s an amount that each person has to pay (e.g. a £5 per person fee) choose ‘Per person’.

Add bill split

As you add each cost, ALL IN allows you to add items that weren’t split between everyone within the group.  For example:

  • Did four of you get a taxi and two of you walk?  No problems.  Just add the item and only tick those that got a lift.
  • Did someone arrive late or another have to leave early?  That’s fine, just include them in the items they were there for.
  • Were some drinking bottles of Chateauneuf du Pape while others were on the tap water?  Simple.  Just add the wine and select the ones that drank it.
ALL IN will let you configure all of these different cost breakdowns easily as well as allowing you to add items that should be split between all.

You can also add a mix of items that have been paid, alongside an open bill.  So if you’re sitting at dinner trying to work out who owes what and are trying to include rounds of drinks that others paid for earlier, that’s fine.  Just add everything in, including what has been paid and what the current bill is:

Add the bill

5. Check the final bill to see what's owed

At any time you can check who owes what by selecting ‘View bill’. 

That might mean that you owe money to others within the group or, as within this example, what is owed to the final restaurant bill varies depending on how much everyone has spent so far across the evening:

For further information, please check out our bill splitter article.