Planning an activity with friends?

Social event planner – Get everyone ALL IN!! 😀🥳🎉

…or you can start making your plans with our web app right now by clicking here

…or you can start making your plans with our web app right now by clicking here

Looking for a free event planning app?

Then give ALL IN a try to organise your next:

  • Stag or hen do
  • Sports team get together
  • Catch up pub night
  • Away match trip
  • Social club activity
  • Boys’ or girls’ weekend away
  • Or any group activity

Make a plan, invite your friends, split costs and pay back ALL IN one app.

Check out what you can do in ALL IN:

How does ALL IN help with event planning and management?

ALL IN provides a single solution for end-to-end management of your group activity:

  • Polls to find a date that works for all
  • Key event information – Where is it? When? What to bring
  • Expense tracking – Who paid for what, split between who and how much each person owes
  • Group chat – all in the same place as everything else that’s going on
  • Easy payment directly through the app
  • Automated debt chasing – To ensure payment comes in without the organiser having to chase everyone up

An app to manage your social plans easily

ALL IN helps solve many common event planning quandaries like:

  • How can I tell who is coming?
  • How can I track who is owed what?
  • How to ensure people pay what they owe?
  • How do I make an event planner?
  • How do I find an event organizer?
  • What apps bring people together?

By providing a single app solution for all your needs.  And if there’s something you DO need that we don’t have, please let us know.

Here's a step by step guide to using the ALL IN event app

1. Get a date in the diary

ALL IN allows you to make plans with friends by sending out date polls with a selection of options for people to vote on.

2. See who can make it

Share your event with friends, team mates or anyone interested in coming along and keep track of the responses.

share events and media with friends
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