ALL IN user guides

This page provides guides showing how to use ALL IN and create plans with friends. 

Please check out the videos below in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to see if they help with your question.  

If your question isn’t answered or you have any specific questions about using ALL IN, please email

How do I create events in ALL IN?

Simply go to the ALL IN Chat area, click the ‘+’ button and select the middle button that appears (containing a calendar).  From there, follow the steps to create the event and invite your friends.

How do I create an event with different date option for people to vote on?

This video shows you how to create an event in ALL IN with different date options that each of your friends can vote for. This allows you to easily find the best date for everyone invited to your group.

How do I add costs to an event and pay?

This video shows you how to add costs to an event in ALL IN and how to pay/mark them as paid.

How do I make payments in ALL IN?

ALL IN is great for helping you make payments.  This video shows you how to finalise a bill so people can pay you for an event, or set up payment requests for any one off payments.  Watch this video to see more:

Can I manage an account for my child or partner within my own?

Yes, you can.  Watch the video here or follow our full walk through at the link below:

How do I delete my account?

Deleting your account is easy.  Simply:

1. Go to the profile area
2. Click on the settings cog
3. Click ‘Delete account’
4. Confirm by pressing ‘Delete account’

This will send an email to you to check your authorisation.

Please note that all your events, chat and account information will be immediately deleted and cannot be recovered. 

Delete accounts

How do I open links in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger opens links within its own browser which can cause issues with adding the event to your signed in account as the route it takes you through doesn’t link to your signed in app account.  To avoid this we have added a pop up page from which you should be able to open the app.  If this doesn’t work, for iOS users, please hold down the link in the Messenger chat and select the option to open it in Safari.

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