ALL IN Q2 update

ALL IN quarterly update

Q2 2022

Product and Traction

Having released our updated UX to the stores in May our focus since has been working with users to collect feedback and benchmark the app against others in any of the areas ALL IN covers.  We’ve seen great, positive, growth in terms of user sessions in the app, reaching up to just under 8,000 in September:

ALL IN growth

One product focus area for us in recent months has been building functionality to automatically chase users for money owed at the end of an event to save the organiser from doing it (See blog article here for more info).  This is helping to increase the percentage of payments completed per event and allowing us to position ALL IN as a money management tool as well as an organiser.  Overall ALL IN has now processed more than £10,000 through just under 900 transactions. 

For those that haven’t seen it before, here’s a one minute video on ALL IN’s payment request functionality, powered by our partner Ecospend’s Open Banking service.  We’ve seen an incredibly positive response to this functionality and had sign ups from gardeners, cleaners and dog groomers, to name a few different industries, using the service to collect payments easily.


User growth has averaged 10% month on month over the past quarter which is giving us a solid, regular increase in our user base.  We’ve started to attract potential interest from national media as well as one of the UK’s top stag and hen organisers which we hope will lead to a spike in traction in the coming months.

In mid-September we made the app available in app stores outside the UK for the first time and ALL IN can now be downloaded worldwide. In the coming weeks our expectation is that App Store Optimisation, as keywords start to rank, will help drive growth further even before we start to optimise our store fronts for each location.


Our current runway is expected to last us to the end of Q1 2023 and we’re starting discussions about raising before the end of the financial year.  If you, or anyone you know, is interested in finding out more about investing in us please contact me at


Our current top priority is to get the app in front of as many people as possible to keep learning from various target use cases.  At the moment we’re particularly looking for personal trainers or similar who run regular work out/training sessions with paying clients.  If you have any contacts that work in this area, or general media contacts that could potentially be interested in finding out more about ALL IN please pass on my details as we’d love to talk to them.  

Best wishes