Sports Team App

Get your team together with ALL IN

Try this for your weekly kick abouts or training sessions

Sports team app

Easily create matches or training events for your club, team or social group

Here's a quick guide to getting started with ALL IN

1. Create an event

To get started, click on the plus icon and choose to create a new event

Create event

2. Add the event information

Add the key event information, dates, start time and location details.

Add location

3. Share with your groups and teams

Once you’ve created your event you’ll want to invite people.  The easiest way to share an ALL IN event is to use any existing groups you already have.  Within the event you’ve created, simply go to the share icon and choose to share the link.

Invite friends

You can then share directly by posting the link into your preferred app.


4. Get everyone ALL IN

Anyone that clicks on the link will be invited to the group.  First time users will need to sign up for the app but, once set up, any links they click on will add events to their screens.

Invite friends

Once people have joined your ALL IN group, any extra events that are created in the group will automatically appear in that members events page.

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