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Random Group Generator

Random team creation

ALL IN is an app to help people get together more easily.  In our mission to provide solutions for easy group, club or team get togethers one group asked us to create a random generator for their weekly 5 a side football games.

This page shows how ALL IN works and helps to address questions like the following:

  • How do I make random groups for a team?
  • How do I create a random team generator?
  • What is a random team generator?
  • Random group generator for teachers?

Read on and I’ll explain how…

Sign up to ALL IN

Firstly you’ll need to sign in to the ALL IN app.  The quickest way to do this is by choosing the Google, iOS or Facebook icons, if you have accounts for those.

ALL IN sign in

You can create an event by clicking on the plus icon, choosing ‘Create event’ and giving the event a name.  

Create group event menu

If there’s any event specific information (date for the activity, location etc) just add that here.  If you don’t need any of that then you can start getting everyone IN.

Adding members to each group

There are two options for groups in ALL IN.  You can either organise groups of people that have registered for an event or activity in real life or you can add names to sort into groups yourself.  

Organising groups from people that have registered in real life

Using the ALL IN app you can create an event, share it with your group and allow users to confirm if they can make it.  You can then generate groups from those that are coming.  If it’s a weekly group where attendance varies, like with 5 a side football or other team sport, then you’re in luck.  Once you’ve created your first group all members will be automatically included in any future events for the group and can set their status each time.

Invite friends to join your groups

Just select ‘Invite friends’ in the event and choose to share to a WhatsApp group, invite contacts or share a link through your preferred social media.

Add people to bill split

Adding names to a group to sort yourself

If you’re looking to quickly create a group of people then just choose the option to add custom names.

As you’ve generated your group, you can add members to each group by typing each name and clicking ‘Add’.  You can also remove members from any group by selecting the x next to their name. 

Generating random teams

Now you’ve set your event up, you can start generating your random teams.  On the event, select ‘Who’s IN’ then the three dots in the top right hand corner to allow you to start to make teams.

Make groups

And now you’re all set to start creating teams randomly. Simply set the number of groups you need and press ‘Team up’.

Group generator panel

Sorting your team members

If, once your groups have been generated, you don’t like the spread of members, then just hit ‘Team up’ again.  Each time you press the button the ALL IN app will automatically reassign the people within the number of groups selected.

And if you just want to make a few minor adjustments then you can manually drag members from one group to another using the three dots on the right hand side.

Manually update groups

Customising your teams

You can update the name and colour of each group by pressing the pencil icon next to the group name you want to change.

Customise groups

Sharing your selections

Once you’ve made your groups you can share the selection easily using the share icon in the top right hand corner.  From there just pick the preferred app, email or message format to paste the information in to.

Share groups

Any questions?

If there’s anything you’re not sure about or if you need any more information please contact us at info@everyoneallin.com

Excel random team generator

Please also try our Excel random team generator template.

Other topics

You can find further information about using ALL IN for your sports teams, weekly 5 a side groups or any group activities here.

ALL IN also supports the use of aliases for children’s sports teams so you can manage both your availability, and your children’s, at the same time, ALL IN one app!