Create child or alias accounts

So you can manage your children’s or partner’s events as well as yours within the app

Instructions are below but, here's a short video to explain:

Here’s an example where Andy, an ALL IN user, wants to update his son Tom’s football group with his son’s name. This means he can continue to respond as himself for his own events, but respond as Tom when giving availability for Tom’s football matches.

1. In the app go to the ‘Profile’ option on the bottom menu

2. Select ‘Edit profile’
Edit ALL IN profile

3. In the profile scroll down to the alias details section.  Here you can add additional names that you can manage within the account, be it the name of your child, partner or any other name you want to use alongside yours.  

4. Add the alias name(s) and photo(s) then select ‘Save’

Update ALL IN alias

5. Now go to the events page and pick an event where you want to swap in an alias you’ve added above.

6. Open the event and go to the list of members (on the event page click on the right chevron where it says ‘Who’s IN?’).  In the member list next to your name you should see a chevron.  See the one below next to Andy’s name as an example:

ALL IN member list

7. Click on ‘Select alias/child name’ then choose the alias that you created above.  

Select alias

This will swap in your chosen alias for all events in this group.  

If you want to add a second person to the event at the same time, then you can choose ‘Add new alias/child’

8. From the menu that appears, choose ‘Select Alias/Child name’. This should create a drop down arrow next to the name.
9. Then, when you select the name you can change it to the alias or child name you’d prefer. In this example I’ve changed the name from John, to Toby, as added to the profile in the steps above.
Changing the name at group level will change the name for all the events belonging to that group. It won’t change the name in any other groups within ALL IN.

If you accidentally added an additional alias (as the app allows multiple aliases per group) and want to remove it then you can also do this from the member list.  Just click on the chevron next to the alias you want to remove and select ‘Leave event’.

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