Time to team app again!

On 19th December 2020 the PM announced a tier 4 lockdown with a ‘stay at home’ message enshrined in law for multiple counties across the UK. Two weeks’ later this was converted in to a national lockdown. Today, after three cold, wet, months stuck indoors and with Grandma and Grandad’s Christmas presents (woolly scarves and winter boots in our case) still wrapped festively in the lounge, we get our first few steps back towards normality with the ability to congregate outside as groups of six or two households and, excitingly, outdoor sports return.

So, after one hundred days at home we finally get a chance to run around with friends outside. For all those that have spent that time stretching, training, strengthening their cores and practising close control skills then here’s your chance to show off the benefits of all that hard work. For the rest/most/all of us who have focused instead on trying to finish Netflix, and navigating past any potential arguments with family and housemates while seeing how many days or minutes you can stick to your New Year’s resolutions then let’s enjoy this, but stretch up before and after and ease into it.

As part of our return to outdoor sports, we’ve got an exciting announcement to share. Are you looking for a referee for your upcoming game? Our new partnership with YesRef will allow you to request a referee in a quick & easy way. You can even pay the referee digitally with receipts readily available should you need it. What are you waiting for? Visit yesref.com to find out more.

Enjoy, take care, and see you outside soon.


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