Time to get everyone ALL IN

It’s hard not to get excited at the prospect of social restrictions being lifted. We’re not out of the woods yet and we need to remain vigilant over the coming weeks and months but there’s lots to celebrate.

In seven months the UK’s assortment of vaccination centres and an army of medical workers and volunteers have administered a phenomenal 80 million jabs. 90% of UK adults have had their first jab and around two thirds have had their second. We’ve spent over a year under some kind of lockdown or tier related restriction and, finally, we’ve got the chance to get together again.

To add to the positives, summer seems to have arrived at last just in time for the school holidays to start. We may be holidaying in the UK for the most part but at least we should be doing that in some better weather than we’ve seen of late.
To coincide with this we’ve now released ALL IN to the app stores. To find it just search for “Everyone ALL IN”.

So, how can you use ALL IN?

During lockdown we’ve gone through 101 different releases to introduce different components, widgets and dewberries and to stamp out bugs. We’re still in the process of adding more features and the app will be getting a fresh new facelift in the coming months but it finally has the core functionality that we always envisaged so you can:

  • Create an event with multiple date options and share it with friends to find out what date works best to get together
  • Organise sports with friends and let the app manage last minute drop outs with our waiting list functionality so you always know who’s in or out for your game
  • Add spending over an evening or weekend with mates and let the app work out who owes what
  • Settle the final bill and pay each other back directly through the app

Please give ALL IN a try and send any suggestions or thoughts to me at this address or through the feedback section in the app. Oh, and in case you’d rather just have some links than search for “Everyone ALL IN”, here you go:

Cost splitting app
Cost splitting app

Thank you, as ever, for your support. Here’s to a great summer out of lockdown!


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