Trialling ALL IN

We’d love you to try ALL IN with an event you’ve got in mind and tell us what you think.  

Please fill in the form below to register.

If you’re picked as an official triallist we can give some funds towards your chosen activities as a thank you.

ALL IN prize

We’re looking for fun groups to try our app and give feedback on what you liked and what we could do to make it work better.

Example activities that you can use ALL IN for are:

  • Finding the best date for your group activity
  • Allowing friends to vote whether they can come
  • Providing clear info about where to be and when, OUTSIDE the chat
  • Adding costs throughout the activity (ALL IN automatically works out who owes what)
  • Incorporating separate costs by activity, meal type, alcohol preference
  • Settling up easily and tracking who is owed
Fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you.  
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